How to choose a right Laptop

How to choose a right Laptop

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Almost every day I get hit with lots of questions on Quora and this website on “how to choose a right laptop in budget “I have answered them overtime here is my small blog for which will answer most of your questions and will help you in making a right decision I will try to avoid the detail technical information to keep this content easy for a layman.

How to choose a right Laptop


To make this simple I will define users in 3 parts

First Part: These are the user will use the laptop for Browsing, Word & Excel generally for basic use only. here is what I will recommend you can go with i3 4th Generation and above processor, with 4GB RAM, 500GB Storage I will suggest go with the 14inch screen.

Second Part: These are the user will use the laptop for basic work + small photoshop editing and multitasking with a 5-6 application you can go with i5 8GB Ram, 500GB Storage, Small 128GB SSD will be an ideal option.

Third Part: Now if you are a professional designer, using Autocad, Photoshop, Movie editor you can choose to go with i5 Processor with 16GB Ram, 2GB/4GB dedicated GPU, 256GB SSD Along with 1TB / 2TB Storage, keep all the applications in SSD and all the project in normal HDD storage.

Which Brand To Choose: Mostly all brands will use the same chipset like Intel etc but only difference will be with the build quality and after sales service I will recommend you can go with Dell Inspiron or Dell XPS, HP & Lenovo you have other options like Acer, Asus but make you check if you have a service center nearby and if they give the best laptop repair service after sales. Remember Dell does give you best after sales service and they also have onsite support by paying a few bucks extra.

Can i buy Online: Yes, Once you get the laptop check the serial number on Bios, Box and on the back side of the laptop all 3 must match you can check warranty status on their website or by calling customer service for that brand for professionals which I have mentioned in “Third Part” request you to stick with DELL or HP brand only.

Can i upgrade after purchase: Yes you can upgrade the RAM, Hard Drive but make sure you get it done from someone who is professional as while upgrading these component you should never break the warranty seal which is stick on the few component like motherboard for more clarification you can also call and check with service center.

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