Macbook Pro VS Macbook Air

Macbook Pro VS Macbook Air

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If you are looking to buy a new Macbook, there are few options to choose between Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, Yes Macbook Pro more features and high specs compare to Macbook Air. Both come with 13Inch size if you want a laptop with a smaller size you can choose 11inch Macbook Air that means you’ve got a few decisions to make like a lighter weight, retina display your budget etc. Here we will break down few differences which may help you choose the best.

Basic Idea: Price is one area where there's a stark difference between the MacBook Air and the 13in MacBook Pro just to compare price will consider similar specification
Processor: i5
Size: 13Inch

Storage: (Macbook Air : 128GB SSD) (Macbook Pro : 500GB HDD)
Apple Macbook Pro MD101HN is old model but it's available on @ 84K (2017)
Apple MacBook Air MJVE2HN is old model but it's available on @ 72K (2017)

Which is the Best? its completely depend on what kind of work you do in both you get i5 Processor but if you take a closer look you will find Macbook Air has 1.66GHZ of Speed where in Pro has 2.5GHZ which mean performance wise Pro will do much better but once again you must not buy based on high specs you must always think uses point lets do a small demo.

Mr. A is CEO of a big corporate his job is to check e-mails, check data on Microsoft excel, draft letter, web browsing, webcam meetings and
Mr. B is an Owner of a small shop he mostly spends his time in shop his job is related with Billings, emails, web browsing, and use photoshop to edit pics of his products which he promotes on social media and connected to youtube when free.

Now as you see Mr. A uses the Mac for very lite application and use it for limited time and travel from one branch to another in this situation Macbook air is perfect device for him as its lite weight and definitely can handle all lite application task wherein Mr. B use Mac for whole day for billing and also use photoshop for editing if we take the average Mr B Mac is being used 10-12 hrs where Mr A use it for Max 7hrs

So if your work is more related to multiples application, the heavy application always choose Macbook Pro but the work is more related to Internet and browsing go with Macbook Air.

Weight: Macbook Pro is X2 times heavy than air so if you travel lots think before you buy one and Macbook Pro 15inch is lots heavier you will need a back pack to carry one.

Upgrades and Repairs: Most of the parts like on MacBook Keyboard Repair, Screen Replacement, Hard drive etc can be replaceable easily but if logic board fails Macbook Air has less chance of repair compare to Pro, You can upgrade SSD on both the devices but RAM can be upgraded only on Macbook Pro which is built before 2014 all Mac build after 2014 will have soldered RAM hence can’t be upgraded further.

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