Macbook Repair Mumbai

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Apple Macbook is out of warranty? Call Bombay Computers for same-day repair in Mumbai.

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Data Recovery Services

Laptop or Mac crashed? not to worry as data is still safe in the HDD of the device, Call us for assistance on data recovery.

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Laptop Repair Services

Dead laptop or mac consider us an expert for all brands including Dell & HP reach us via chat we are open…

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Laptop Repair Mumbai

Broken laptop? we are the right laptop repair center if you are in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai, Motherboard issue, broken hinges, trackpad not working, or wifi not working just on a call we can diagnose which further technician can come to your place and fix all laptop repair comes with a warranty if anything goes wrong it’s taken care without any extra fees.

Laptop Keyboard Repair: Keyboard has mostly used parts in any device which can wear out in the process of daily use if your laptop keyboard acting weird then it’s time to replace it we have original stock of all the dell, hp & Lenovo brands you can chat with us to check the availability of technician who can come at your place replace it on the spot.

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laptop repair mumbai

Broken Display: Crack due to accident is a most common reason for broken screen and there is no possibility of repair only a replacement is the solution for the best pricing you chat via whats app issue like led replacement can be done onsite at your place in less than 30 mins we are available 7 days a week & 24 hours on what’s app chat we will be glad to assist you with your laptop repair.

Broken Hinges: Fabrication of the laptop body & hinges are an alternate solution if the top panel of the laptop is broken but if the new body of the laptop is the best solution as it looks new and durability increases

macbook repair mumbai

Broken Macbook Screen: This is the most common issue faced by the apple user the apple macbook pro retina display is so fragile that even with little pressure it can crack and become unusable. the Apple mac display is very expensive compared to other parts of the macbook such as the trackpad, battery, or keyboard panel.

Apple iMac Repair: The fast and one of the most amazing devices by Apple it can do any task from video editing, programming, photo editing, movies, etc and imac hardly give any issues apart from broken screen & power supply failure. Yes if you are using an old imac of the year 2013 or 2015 you might notice it is a little slower which can improve by adding more RAM to it at our apple macbook repair Mumbai we repair & service all the devices that has macOS

Macbook Repair Mumbai

Searching for an apple repair center for out-of-warranty macs? we are one of the top-rated Macbook repair center Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, we fix everything from the broken display, keyboard, battery, or a dead iMac. we are online now let’s chat to diagnose it we are one of the most reliable macbook repair in mumbai

Apple Keyboard Repair: All keys stopped working or some keys are not working possible a faulty keyboard its a very fewer chance that the issue can be with the connector of the keyboard but before replacing it with the new part we always clean and try if the issue persists we replace it with the genuine part

Macbook SSD Upgrade: Old macs run very slow and freeze randomly on the new macOS such as Catalina or Big Sur if in 2022 you are still using 2012 machine A1278 or A1286 the only best solution to make it fast is SSD and RAM upgrade. It takes only 45 mins in the process and can be done at your place in front of you all SSD comes with 5 years of warranty

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iMac Repair Mumbai

Apple iMac is one of the popular devices from Apple its sturdy, big, and powerful than any Mac air or mac mini. Its mostly used by professionals for video editing, music editors & photographers these machines have very few vents hence over time dust accumulates in them which affects the fan rotation which leads to heating the whole machine mostly on the backside of the body. Even 2013 imac is good for 2022 as long as it has SSD and additional RAM in it we are best when it comes to any hardware upgrade in apple imac or mac mini devices post-upgrade right macOS is very important or you may not feel any performance difference on it.

Broken Display or Power Supply Failure: These are the 2 most common issues in the apple imac it’s either the display is cracked or broken or the power supply stops working we keep these parts in stock you can chat with or request a call directly from the technician who can diagnose and give you pricing all parts we use for repairing iMac are 100% original at our workshop we repair everything in iMac including speakers, power button, webcam, wifi / Bluetooth issues, etc.

iMac Data Recovery: If your imac has stopped working and if you wanted to get the data out from the hard drive we as can assist you with all we need is a model number so we can share the estimated cost and time required in the process.

imac repair mumbai

get a call from us in the next 30 mins or [CHATNOW]

Mac Mini Repair:

The most affordable computer from apple connect to any display and is good to go, If you owe any mac mini and searching for an upgrade or any kind of repair or just a random servicing make sure you get in touch with us we can assist you to push all the limits of mac mini few mac mini are not upgradeable but still, there are alternative to boost the performance like installing SSD in case of RAM upgrade is not available

broken macbook air display?

macbook pro battery replacement

Macbook Battery Replacement

If you see a notification under the battery icon which says “Service Battery” or “Condition: Replace Now” which simply mean the battery will no longer work and you must get it to replace, we can send our technician who can replace the battery in front of you at your home/ office in less then 30 mins. Check the price & schedule a visit at your convenient time.

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laptop hinge repair mumbai

Laptop Hinge Repair

If you are having difficulty in closing the lid of the laptop or panel is detached from the bezel it can be a possible issue with jam hinge or top panel is broken, share us the model number along with a few pics or videos we can assist you with the costing and availability of the parts. This is most common in Lenovo & HP laptops.

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macbook screen repair

Macbook Screen Repair

The broken/ cracked display of any macbook is an expensive repair compared to any other repair in the mac. In a few macbook, there is a possibility of only replacing the display cable or led screen but most of the mac comes in combo form where we have to replace the full display assembly on the below chat we can share the approx rate of the display.

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macbook keyboard repair

Keyboard Repair 

Generally, the macbook keyboard is very long-lasting it easily works for 5-7 years but in a few cases, we have seen due to moisture or liquid spill the keyboard stops functioning, the only fix is to get the keyboard to replace the cost of replacement depends on the model number if you can share the model number we can share you the cost and availability status.

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Apple iPad Repair Mumbai

Apple iPad

Apple iPad and iPhone are dead? Any issue with the cracked broken display or battery nonfunctioning we can help. We are one of the top-rated apple macbook repair centers in Mumbai you can easily reach us on 977-300-4903 or via what’s app chat button below any issue can be diagnosed on the chat which can be further pickup and processed for repair all repairs on iPad / iPhone comes with testing warranty…

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Apple Mac Mini Repair

Apple Mac Mini Repair

If you owe apple mac mini give us a high five even many apple users do not know about mac mini, most windows user and people who like to customize go for mac mini as it cost very less compare with any apple mac’s, a customized mac mini + 32-inch monitor is the best combination for multitasking. If your Mac mini is dead or hangs we have a solution speak with a technician…

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5 STARS for sure!!! Bombay Computers gave the best service possible. My laptop was fixed within a day. Its staff is really cooperative and very professional…

Jui B From @Wadala
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Bombay Computers helped me to replace my Macbook pro (2019 model) screen very professionally. The entire process of screen replacement was done in less than 30mins…

Shruti Nik @Bandra
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Absolutely the best! I am very satisfied with Bombay Computers. I have sent my MacBook Air for screen display issue. They have done a terrific job with amazing customer service.

Avinash D @Nerul
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