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Macbook Repair Mumbai


Macbook Repair Mumbai


Looking for an apple mac repair? if you are in Mumbai you can call us the top-rated macbook repair Mumbai center. we can fix the cracked screen, faulty keyboard, or dead mac air on the same day. we at Bombay Computers can fix any issues related to Apple laptops on the same day, many issues like battery replacement, trackpad replacement, speaker repair, or hardware upgrade can be done in less than 45 mins. All our services are available onsite in all the areas of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai or you can visit our workshop. All repairs are data safe & come with a warranty.

Macbook Freezing:

Many a time Mac freezes or takes lots of time on boot or while opening an application, There can be a possible issue with a macOS (which is considered as a software issue) other possibilities can be less RAM or the hard drive, we can diagnose and fix. All our repairs are data safe you will not lose any data as long as the hard drive is safe which can be diagnosed in less than 30 mins. While installing new macOS we can recommend what is best for your device which can be compatible with your apps such as photoshop, garage band, logic pro x, etc the complete process is transparent and easy for you.

macbook repair mumbai

Macbook Repair Mumbai

get a call from us in the next 30 mins or [CHATNOW]

Macbook Pro Repair:

Macbook not turning on, blank display or restarts randomly can be a possible issue with the logic board we can diagnose any apple macbook pro or mac air in 45 mins and process for repair all our apple repair are data safe no data is lost when we perform any repair we are available online now on the chat you can speak with a technician to get an estimated cost of repair or schedule a visit. Most of the logic board of the macbook we have successfully repaired worked fine for 4-5 years. If there are any issues do not hesitate the to contact best macbook repair center on 977-300-4903.

Hard Drive Replacement:

Folder with question icon or no entry logo can be a possible issue with macOS, hard disk, or the SATA cable you can also diagnose it by going into recovery mode your a USB drive our apple pro technician can easily diagnose and fix this kind of issue at your place in less than 30 mins (believe us), in case of macOS issue we can reset the new macOS if there is any important data or pics are there we will get external hard drive so we can backup data before reinstalling macOS.

Keyboard Repair:

Keys are the most used components on the keyboard, in fact, it’s used before you even use your mac (tuning on) wear and tear, moisture, or liquid spill can be a major cause for keyboard malfunction whole keyboard stopped working or few keys are not working in both cases we have to replace the whole keyboard we have ready stocks for the models like A1502, A1466, etc all parts are of grade A and comes with a warranty.

Schedule Technician:

With years of experience have retained innumerable customers, if you are in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai searching for a macbook repair Mumbai? do check with us we can reach us by call or what’s app chat we are also active on Facebook & Instagram grab the model number of your mac before calling us it will be easy for us to assist you. we can schedule the onsite repair on any day including weekends at your convenient place and time.

Macbook Battery Replacement:

Apple batteries backup is best when compared with other brands like Dell, HP, or Lenovo there are sturdy and gives easy backup of 5 hrs + but once the cycle count is reached to its max it starts giving you notification and charging takes longer than usual apple macs are self diagnosable you can reach us so we can do diagnose on call to know the status of battery there are many macbook repair center in Mumbai but if you are looking for best macbook repair Mumbai you should check once about our price & service we are sure you will be happy.

Out Of Warranty Repair:

If your apple mac is under warranty you can reach any authorized apple store in case if you just wanted to consult with us about the issue before going to the apple store you can drop your query on our what’s app chat or Instagram we will replay in 1 hour with a standard apple care physical or liquid damage is not covered. if you like to read technical blogs do follow us on Facebook and Instagram we share the information/news related to apple there which may be helpful to chat with macbook repair Mumbai center click on the chat link.

iMac & Mac Mini Repair:

If you are still old old 2012-2013 imac or mini and feel it’s slow in the boot or while working & multitasking it can be fixed by upgrading SSD & RAM, Solid-state drives are faster than a standard hard drive and have a faster transfer rate while memory allows you to do multitasking just with these small upgrade the device will be good to go for next 4-5 year with easy along with new macOS big sur or Monterey.

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