Macbook Repair Mumbai

Our Macbook repair Mumbai center provides solutions for all your Apple device needs, whether it’s a Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, or Mac Mini. Our professional technicians can repair out-of-warranty devices, and all repairs come with a warranty. To avoid any potential performance issues, we use OEM or original parts rather than low-quality substitutes.

Using original parts, or at least Grade A parts, is crucial for any Mac repair. At our Macbook repair center, we maintain a ready stock of most parts for Mac Air, which allows us to work more efficiently than other Apple repair stores. With our onsite repair services in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, we can easily fix any broken Apple device in just a few minutes.

We offer onsite repair services in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai for issues related to Macbook keyboard repair, battery replacement, or retina display replacement for Apple Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. We serve over 130 areas, including Powai, Chembur, Bandra, Andheri, and more. If you’re using WhatsApp, you can chat with our technician right now.

Macbook Keyboard Repair Mumbai

macbook keyboard repair mumbaiAs technicians, we’ve seen that Apple MacBook keyboards are sturdy and long-lasting. However, they are vulnerable to damage from liquid spills, dust, and moisture, which can cause the keyboard to malfunction. This often manifests as only a few keys working, or the keyboard shorting out and auto-typing.

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Older models of Macs such as A1502, A1466, A1278, etc., have scissor keyboards that can be easily replaced at an affordable cost. However, newer models like A1990, A1989, A2179, A1708, A1707, etc., have a unique keyboard called the butterfly keyboard, which is quite expensive to replace. Therefore, we always try to repair the keyboard on these models, and we have had successful repairs in the past. If you’re experiencing issues with your keyboard, you can chat or call us, and we can guide you about the pricing and availability of keyboards.

Macbook Battery Replacement Mumbai

Macbook Battery Replacement MumbaiCompared to other brands like Dell, HP, or Lenovo, Apple’s battery backup is the best. They are sturdy and provide an easy backup of 9-20 hours or more. However, once the cycle count reaches its maximum, it starts giving a notification, and charging takes longer than usual. Apple Macs are self-diagnosable, so you can reach out to us, and we can perform a diagnosis over the phone to determine the status of your battery. There are many MacBook repair centers in Mumbai, but if you’re looking for the best MacBook repair service in Mumbai, you should check us out. Our pricing and service are competitive, and we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with our work.

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If your Apple Mac is still under warranty, you can visit any authorized Apple store. However, if you would like to consult with us first about the issue, you can drop us a message on our WhatsApp or Instagram chat. We will respond within an hour with standard Apple care policies, but please note that physical or liquid damage is not covered. If you’re interested in reading technical blogs, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we share helpful information and news related to Apple. To chat with our MacBook repair center in Mumbai, simply click on the chat link.

Macbook Display Replacement Mumbai

macbook screen replacement mumbaiThe retina display is one of the most expensive parts of any Apple Mac and is irreparable in the event of physical damage such as cracks or lines on the screen. Although the logic board can be repaired, retina displays cannot. Most Apple Macs have retina displays, which are crystal clear. However, some users encounter flexgate issues on newer models where the display has limited backlight. This is caused by a faulty flex cable design, and replacing the display is the only solution, which can be very costly.

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The price of screen replacement for a MacBook varies based on the model, typically ranging from 10,000 INR to 40,000 INR. If you have a broken or cracked display, or if you see lines or a completely black screen on your MacBook, our technicians are available to chat with you and guide you through a few diagnostic steps to determine the exact issue. Additionally, if you have important data that needs to be recovered, we can help you with data recovery in less than 45 minutes. Please feel free to call us for assistance.

Macbook Repair Mumbai

imac repair mumbaiSearching for Macbook RepairĀ Mumbai? if you are in Mumbai you can call us at the top-rated macbook repair Mumbai center. we can fix the cracked screen, faulty keyboard, or dead Mac air on the same day. we at Bombay Computers can fix any issues related to Apple laptops on the same day, many issues like battery replacement, trackpad replacement, speaker repair, or hardware upgrade can be done in less than 45 mins. All our services are available onsite in all the areas of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai or you can visit our workshop. All repairs are data-safe & come with a warranty.

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A macbook not turning on, a blank display or restarts randomly can be a possible issue with the logic board we can diagnose any apple macbook Pro or mac air in 45 mins and process for repair all our Apple repairs are data safe no data is lost when we perform any repair we are available online now on the chat you can speak with a technician to get an estimated cost of repair or schedule a visit. Most of the logic boards of the macbook we have successfully repaired worked fine for 4-5 years. If there are any issues do not hesitate to contact the best macbook repair center at 977-300-4903.

Apple Macbook Freezing (Hangs)

Many a time Mac freezes or takes lots of time on boot or while opening an application, There can be a possible issue with a macOS (which is considered as a software issue) other possibilities can be less RAM or the hard drive, which we can diagnose and fix. All our repairs are data-safe you will not lose any data as long as the hard drive is safe and can be interpreted in less than 30 mins. While installing the new macOS we can recommend what is best for your device which can be compatible with your apps such as Photoshop, garage band, logic pro x, etc the complete process is transparent and easy for you.

Apple Mac SSD / Hard Drive Replace & Upgrade

A folder with a question icon or no entry logo can be a possible issue with macOS, hard disk, or the SATA cable you can also diagnose it by going into recovery mode on your USB drive our apple pro technician can easily diagnose and fix this kind of issue at your place in less than 30 mins (believe us), in case of macOS issue we can reset the new macOS if there is any critical data or pics are there we will get external hard drive so we can backup data before reinstalling macOS get the quote online by calling Macbook Repair Mumbai centre.

Apple Mac Mini & iMac Repair Upgrade

If you own an older iMac or Mini from 2012-2013 and are experiencing slow boot and performance while multitasking, upgrading the SSD and RAM can help. Solid-state drives offer faster transfer rates compared to standard hard drives, while memory enables smooth multitasking. With these upgrades, your device can run smoothly for the next 4-5 years and support the latest macOS Big Sur or Monterey. Contact us to learn more about upgrading your device.

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With years of experience have retained innumerable customers, if you are in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai searching for a macbook repair near me? do check with us we can reach us by call or what’s app chat we are also active on Facebook & Instagram grab the model number of your Mac before calling us it will be easy for us to assist you. we can schedule the onsite repair on any day including weekends at your convenient place and time.

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