Macbook Repair Mumbai

Bombay Computers! Have you come across any Apple Mac issues? Well if any as the name suggests we offer Macbook Repair in Mumbai. We specialize in repairs of all kinds of Apple MacOS Products like MacBook Pro, iMac, Macbook Air, and Mac Mini’s. We could help you relieve your stress a bit by providing a very quick yet a quality repair service. [Data Recovery Click Here]

Macbook Repair Mumbai
macbook repair

Macbook Pro Repair: In case your Mac Book could not turn on or does not have any power if it displays a black screen or a very dark screen! Let's say if it couldn't hold a charge. Also, your wifi does not work or your video webcam doesn't function. Sometimes the sound does not work. See there are a whole lot of symptoms. Well, no need to worry as we can fix them all! We could repair the charging circuit, or the hardware components etc. And all these come in a very marginal spend. So no need to spend a fortune to replace the entire Mother Board (Logic Board), Remember! we can fix it!

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Mac book Freezing: Many a time Mac freezes or takes lots of times while opening any application, There is a possible issue with a macOSX Operating system, Hard Drive or Low RAM memory we can diagnose it at your place and get it fix. We guarantee you that there won't be any loss of your documents, photos, or data. We can easily reinstall any Operating System for you, we always save and take a backup all your data before doing anything! So the complete process is transparent and easy for you   

Low Performance: Your MacBook maybe slow or it seems to hang on the Apple logo at startup. There may be a display message which asks to restart or your Mac Book does not even start up. There could be a folder with a question mark on it or No entry symbol. oh that's scary!! isn't it. Afraid !!! Never mind! Don't think you may have lost your data and you won't be able to recover Mac data. We can recover it, and we have a 90% success rate!

Hard Drive Replacement: We can replace your faulty hard drive. We could either use a regular SATA Drive or if you like a high-performance drive we will replace it with a Solid State Drive (the difference in the speed is quite amazing anyway) just ask us when requesting for a quote! The Macbook boots in 5 seconds if you have right SSD in it call us on 977-300-4903

Macbook Keyboard Replacement: There you go! Sometimes unknowingly you spill liquid on your keyboard and can damage it. We always have a ready replacement for the Mac keyboard of Model A1297, A1286, A1278, A1370, etc all keyboard is of good quality and comes with a year warranty. Plus you get all this in a single day service. So hop on to your phone and give us a call soon if you have any of these issues. We are most reputed Macbook Repair Mumbai. With years of experience and have retained innumerable of customers.

So if you are searching for Macbook Repair Mumbai, all you have to do is just give us call on 977--300-4903 or whats app your issue by typing in mac book with its model number and the serial number which is displayed on the mac. We shall schedule a visit at your place to diagnose the issue. !! Go ahead share your story. Will be glad to hear!

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