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Macbook Repair Center

April 12, 2021 Macbook Repair 0


macbook repair center

The laptop and Macbook has become very important part of life especially these days when due to covid people are asked to do work from home and it become pain these device fail to work or dies due to liquid damage when such situation comes the very first questions comes in mind which is the best MacBook repair center near me or which is reliable laptop repair in Mumbai and the answer is Bombay computers for 2 major reasons we always preferred to go with OEM standard parts along with ESD complaints workspace opting OEM is only the right way which make sure that there is no decreased in the performance of the device post-repair and yes ESD make sure other components are not harmed while working on other parts we at Bombay Computers also known as the reliable Apple Macbook Repair Center Mumbai we can be reached on 977-300-4903 available on what’s app 24hours from a broken apple display replacement, keyboard replacement, battery replacement to logic board repair we perform everything at our workshop our Mac repair expect technician make sure there is no data loss when we perform any repair on your laptop or MacBook

get a call from us in the next 30 mins or [CHATNOW]

Reliable: We are quick and reliable and available all the time for assistance even if it’s just a query or question about a purchase when don’t try to sell anything which doesn’t make any value to your device or meet your need like “Selling an antivirus for macOS” or “Adding 16GB in 2010 dell laptop” we suggest purely based on your need once we get your device for diagnosing we make diagnose all known and unknown issues which can come up in future once diagnostic is done we share the cost and process with repair all repair comes with 90days to 1 year the repair many common issues like no boot, auto shut can be diagnosed on the spot in 30 mins pickup and drop is available from all Mumbai and Navi Mumbai 130 locations

Friendly: Our technician is friendly and will make to explain the issue and possible what it has caused while explaining we make sure not too technical jargons which can be hard for a non-tech to understand with the onsite assistance we do fix most of the issue onsite at your place in front of you where the tech guy carry required parts and install there itself most the common parts are readily available in one of our workshop which makes our work fast and hence we promise we can fix your MacBook in few hours.

Laptop Repair: We diagnose and process the repair in less than 90 mins with the help of the right tool and technician we are able to diagnose the issues of any windows laptop on spot with 90% accuracy which further moved to the repair process post-repair we do few of our quality test which includes testing everything from webcam, trackpad, battery, keyboard, trackpad scrolling, USB jacks, etc which take few mins but once the laptop is delivered to you it’s ready to use.

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