Laptop Repair Mumbai

Laptop Repair Mumbai

Searching for Laptop Repair Mumbai? Congrats! You just found the right search result. We can fix any hardware & software problems related to Any HP, Dell, Lenovo Laptops running on Windows Operating System. Many issues we can also get it to fix it Onsite at your Home or Office in just a few mins like Broken Screen Replacement, Faulty Keyboard, Faulty Hard Drive, Operating Systems, SSD Upgrade, etc.

laptop repair mumbaiLaptop Screen Replacement:  Broken, Cracked, Or Dead LED/ LCD display screen we can repair it in the same day, We have ready stock of all Grade A Display for all the brands like Dell, Sony, HP, Lenovo, etc all laptop display we replace comes with a warranty and we can replace it at your place so you can verify the quality of parts before replacement. If you are using the laptop for gaming or designing we can install full HD resolution LED/LCD display on request. To get started what’s app me the model number of the laptop will share pricing and details of parts.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement: Faulty keyboard? Some keys not working or automatically keys get to type it could be a possible issue with the keyboard. We can replace the keyboard we can install onsite at your place in 30-40 mins. Ready stock of keyboard available for Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc few keyboards like Dell Alienware, Lenovo Y series, etc will require pre-order you can what’s app me the exact model / serial number will share you the cost and estimate time of delivery 0977-300-4903.

Laptop Slow:

It’s quite possible that even the new laptop you have just brought starts to hang and lag while doing multitask the very possible reason it does not have an SSD drive. The best way to solve just to upgrade to SSD. If you can get in touch with us via what’s app will share with you the cost for a hardware upgrade.

get a call from us in the next 30 mins or [CHATNOW]

Laptop Overheating:

Overheating Laptop Heating can create many issues in laptop such as slow, unable to do multitask, hangs, hard drive slow read-write speed, damage the components of motherboard, etc heating of laptop is caused by dirt in the ventilation of laptop or issue with GPU in both case we can diagnose the issue & let you know the best solution for fix it. Changing thermal paste can also decrease the temperature by a few degrees. But in case the issue is with Graphic Card there are better options like the motherboard replacement.

Antivirus Installation:

Microsoft Windows OS is more prone to viruses and malware when compared with Apple Macbook If you see annoying popups, webpage redirect, etc. It could be a virus. Will suggest taking a full data backup and reinstall windows you can also get in touch with us we can access your device via TeamViewer and do a full scan using multiple antiviruses tools. Also, you can choose good antivirus for your system based on your hardware configuration we generally recommend Quickheal and Kaspersky.

Laptop Repair Mumbai

Getting the repair is center for any laptop or macbook repair in Mumbai is quite easy but getting a right repair center for laptop who can fix in the same day with warranty are few if you are one who choose quality over quantity you can count on us we repair and promise to deliver the laptop in the same day in the case when parts for particular models is not available like Dell XPS we inform you and arrange the parts before pickup and we always try to fix the device onsite at your place so your time is not wasted we are available all days you can call us anytime for the service to get started with the repair you can call us on 977-300-4903 or chat with us [CHAT NOW]

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