HP Laptop Repair Service Mumbai

HP Laptop Repair Service Mumbai

hp laptop repairHP is one of the premier companies and most affordable laptops. HP laptops are the 2nd most preferred of the computer available in the market. While there is no doubt about how the HP notebook is built with its sturdy look. It has one of the lowest failure ratios as long as it is handled with care and serviced annually. If you are facing any problem with your HP laptop and you want HP Laptop Repair in Mumbai. You can get in touch with us Here is the list of services we offer on-site and by a pickup and drop service.

HP Laptop Screen Laptop Mumbai

From LCD screens to LED or Paper LED screens we have all stocked up with all Normal and Full HD screens for your laptop. While a broken screen can’t be repaired hence a replacement would be a viable solution. We could offer it at your home or in the office right in front of you. And all it takes is approximate 30 Mins to 45 Mins at best. So for any HP Laptop repair in Mumbai just give a buzz.

HP Laptop Keyboard Repair Mumbai

Generally, the keyboard is the most sensitive and most used part of any laptop which could become malfunction due to moisture and dust. You could try to clean it with a vacuum if the issue still persists you may call us. We shall help you to get it replaced and Yes! we do have onsite support for the same. Normally it takes approximately 30 mins and sometime it would take up to 60 mins when the keyboard is fitted from the inside of the laptop body.

HP Laptop Heating Issue

While all laptop which has a graphic (GPU) heats normally when it gets overheated they are more prone to have issues with the laptop fan or ventilation. The heat sink gets blocked and deep cleaning and replacing the heat sink paste is a possible solution. We can easily control the heating and this will improve the performance and life of the laptop.

HP Hinges Repair / Fabrication

Hinges on a laptop could be bad due to improper handling and many a time due to wrong manufacturing or design. Well, we could help you to fix all types of hinges and broken HP laptops body. We offer a 3 to the 6-month warranty on hinges repair and laptop fabrication.

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SSD Upgrade

Upgrading an SSD on your device can definitely make a drastic change in terms of performance. Call us now and share with us your model number of the notebook. So we could let you know the best and most compatible SSD for your device. While you could also trust us on any HP Laptop Data Recovery in Mumbai Area.

HP Laptop Repair Upgrade

For programmers, designers, gamers, etc the RAM is very much of important which helps the application improve its response time. This gives a positive impact on the overall performance of the work. [CHAT NOW]

HP Laptop Servicing & Cleaning

Due to the continued use of the Laptop, it tends to get heated up and the performance goes down. And due to the blackness of exhaust in the laptop, there is no way the heat could escape. There are only 2 reasons which could lead to the problem which is dust or the fan in the laptop not functioning properly. Perhaps this could be resolved by complete servicing of the HP Laptop or Replacing the Fan if required. We can do it in the estimated timeline and resolve such issues which would hardly take about 90 Mins and could be done at your place.

If you are looking for a reliable service company for HP laptop repair or Data recovery service anywhere in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai area.

We have covered all the areas in Mumbai with places like Powai, Ghatkopar, Chembur, Dadar, Andheri, Vikhroli, and 130+ locations in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai for hp laptop repair. So get in touch with us if you are looking for a laptop repair near Mumbai. As rightly said ” Distances are never a barricade for the one who loves to serve” We make sure to reach on the scheduled time and make sure you are satisfied with our service. We would love to discuss it! So give us a call right or Whatsapp us now @977-300-4903.


How long does it take for HP to fix a laptop?

If you are in Mumbai & Contact us for HP laptop repair our center can get the work done onsite if there is an issue with screen replacement, battery replacement in case of a dead laptop we can get it pick up & drop at your place on the same day.

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