Few Common Issues in Macbook and What to Conclude From It

Few Common Issues in Macbook and What to Conclude From It

March 22, 2019 Uncategorized 0

At Bombay Computers, we are third-party Macbook repair center for Apple Mac’s in Mumbai. We can fix all the issue related to Hardware & Software in any Mac OS or MacBook Pro, MacBook Air etc. Service available in all areas of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. You can call us and explain the issue you are facing most of the issue can be resolved at customer place in case if the issue cannot be resolved at your place we can do pick up and drop after repair.

Here are a few common issues in Mac and what that could mean

  1. Distorted Color or Lines on laptop screen: It’s a possible issue with the display in few models we can replace the led screen but in few models we will have to go with the replacement of the full top assembly if you can WhatsApp the model or serial number we can let you know the estimated cost of repair. The work can be done Onsite at your place it takes estimate 45 minutes to get it to replace.
  2. Track pad not working: It is a possible issue can be with mac OS, track pad itself, track pad strip damaged or motherboard. To get it to fix we can make a visit to your place with all the required parts and do the diagnose and repair there itself.
  3. No input: If you are facing issue with no input of keyboard stroke or some alphabets it can be the keyboard we can make a visit to your place with the MacBook keyboard replacement and fix it there.
  4. Logic board repair: If there is a water spill or dead motherboard we can get it to pick up from your place or you can drop to our store for repair its takes us 4hrs to 8hrs to repair any MacBook logic board it will be quicker if you can send the model number of your mac on the WhatsApp messenger
  5. Wifi Issue: If the Wifi gets disconnect automatically and indicated no hardware found it can be a possible issue with mac OS or Wifi card we can fix it in 45 minutes to get started a call or WhatsApp on 9773004903 and share the details of the mac you have.


So, for emergency laptop & Macbook repair in Mumbai contact Bombay Computers. We feel more than happy to help you.


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