Here is the list of services we served in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.

bombay computers - ServicesSearching for a windows laptop or apple mac repair? You can contact Bombay Computers for all issues related to hardware such as keyboard replacement, apple screen replacement, etc., or any software-related issues such as macOS 13 version “Ventura” or windows 11 version for your laptops we are open every day and available to chat via whats app or you can directly speak to the technician on 977-300-4903. Our service is available in all the areas of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.

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Apple iMac Repairs:

Apple iMacs are the most powerful desktops device that has the most powerful CPU when compared with any apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro the most preferred by home users & music editors as it allows the users to play with multiple files without any huss and you are the one still using old 27 inches or 21 inches iMac you may be experiencing the slowness and lag here at our workshop we can get it to upgrade these old iMac with additional memory & solid state drive which will make the device faster by 10X without losing any data if you can share the model number of your iMac we will be happy to share you the estimated cost of hardware upgrade.

OS installation:

Our technicians can get it fixed at your place in less than 60 mins, if your windows laptop or macOS has crashed or thrown some errors while working do whats app the images of the errors as this will help us to understand the cause also before processing any re-installation of the operating system we take a full backup so you won’t lose any data. We have all the latest macOS installers such as macOS 13 version “Ventura” & in the case of windows laptops we can install windows 11 if your device supports we can be reached at 977-300-4903.

Display Replacement:

The apple repair center in Mumbai can offer you the best prices for any screen replacement of the laptop or Mac including the display of apple imac we have ready stocks of most the display for brands such as Apple, Dell, HP & Lenovo, etc. If your device screen is broken or cracked the only option is to get it replaced if you see any lines on the screen or flicker you can send us a small video so we can check if there are any alternate solutions to it. Most apple solutions & fixes can be easily diagnosed on call you can request a call back from us by filing this

get a call from us in the next 30 mins or [CHATNOW]

Keyboard Repair:

Our onsite repair technician can get any windows laptop or apple keyboard replaced at your place in a few hours. If you find that the keyboard keys are typing automatically or not typing any few keys it can be a faulty keyboard there are many reasons for the keyboard to act weird but the most common is dust & moisture which can trap underneath the keyboard and make it stop working the quick diagnose can allow us to give you estimate of replacement of keyboard the general keyboard replacement for old MacBooks can take anywhere from 45mins to 60 mins.

Speaker Replacement:

Cracking sound or no sound can be caused by faulty speakers or sound drivers a right diagnosis can eliminate unwanted troubleshooting. If you are in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai you can contact us for apple MacBook speaker replacement we have ready stock of all original speakers for Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac & Mac Mini the speakers are different in shapes and sizes hence if you can share the model number of your device we can share you the cost and availability of the parts many speakers, especially of HP & Dell brand, required pre-order.

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