What is Apple ButterFly Keyboard

What is Apple ButterFly Keyboard

December 13, 2019 macbook 0

The content is based on my own technical knowledge and experience which I come across with my customers “The Scissor Mechanism” When any key pressed the function below that key has X shape which more like scissor hence it called scissor mechanism keyboard. Butterfly Keyboard: When any key pressed the function below that key has V shape which more like butterfly wings and hence got it names butterfly.

The Scissor keyboard wobbles from the corners and needs to be press at the center in order to get a keystroke wherein butterfly has pressure at the center due to its design and doesn’t matter where you press the input stroke will happen.

butterfly vs scissor key design

The ‘X’ shaped scissor key is on the left, while the wide ‘V’ shaped butterfly mechanism is on the right.

Butterfly keyboard travel less distance compare to scissor keyboard when you are typing, giving you a superior and smooth experience if you do not type much every day you may not experience the major different wherein the people who do lots of typing can definitely feel the difference. It required less pressure on the butterfly keyboard while typing.

Underneath the scissor keys, there is more gap so the possibility of dust getting accumulated below the key is higher compared to the butterfly keys. I’m sure you have also heard that the butterfly keyboard stops working very open that is because it is still in an early stage of development over a period of time that will surely go.

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