Pitfalls to Be Avoided While Getting a Data Recovery Cost Estimate

Pitfalls to Be Avoided While Getting a Data Recovery Cost Estimate

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So, have you got a failed hard drive? Or a failed other type of media? Are you looking for recovering the lost data and want an estimate of the recovering process? This article is all about what you can expect from a typical data recovery Mumbai and how you can get good service at a reasonable price. Also, this article will pay attention at the points about how one can avoid some pitfalls which can result in paying more for data recovery, or worse end up in losing the data permanently. Thus, it is important that you maintain a balance between the cost savings and quality of service.

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So, how much should be the data recovery cost estimate?

This depends on the situation. However, the cost of data recovery for a typical hard drive should be in between 10K to 50K or more than that, depending upon the recovery. You will find a large number of the companies in the market that are with big brand names and they still think that data recovery estimates should be in more than the estimated. Some of the companies charge more than 50K, even if there’s nothing wrong with the hard drive.

What are some of the pitfalls that should be avoided when getting a data recovery cost estimate?

  • Flat Rate Data Recovery Places: While researching about data recovery Mumbai, you will find the companies who would be advertising about their flat rate data recovery services. Most often, the data recovery experts Mumbai accept the easier jobs and then tell it’s unrecoverable as they find it as an expensive job.
  • Extremely Cheap Data Recovery: You will find a number of local vendors advertising their extremely cheap services. However, one should never fall for that as they won’t get your money back after they fail to recover your lost data. Thus, it is important that you avoid the locals for data recovery.
  • Brand Name Companies: Most of the times, you’ll decide to go for the reputed and famous companies for recovering your lost data. While these are quality companies and they will charge lot more expensive. Also, it has been observed that their minimum quote is more than you’ll pay at other company.


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