Macbook Repair Sion

Macbook Repair Sion

April 14, 2022 Macbook Repair 0

Macbook Repair Sion

macbook repair sionAre searching for an apple macbook repair Sion, in Mumbai? You have reached the right place we at Bombay Computers the most preferred apple repair center for apple MacBooks & iMacs can promise to resolve all the issues on the same day with our expert apple technicians we can promise all the data stored is safe when we perform any repair. All repair comes with a warranty and all parts we use for repair are OEM or grade A parts of export quality. Any device that comes to our workshop can be considered in a safe hand. We get lots of references from our existing customers due to the quality of the work and fast customer service we are available on what’s app all the time we are even open on holidays and weekends. If you live in Sion or nearby areas of Mumbai or Navi Mumbai you can reach us on 977-300-4903 for any all the repairs related with apple macbook pro or macbook air we are one of the top macbook repair sion and nearby areas here are the list of our services you can check for.

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Macbook Keyboard & Battery Replacement:

Faulty or malfunction of the keyboard can occur if there is a liquid spill or due to moisture if you find your keyboard is automatically typing keys it can be possible cause due to moisture and during rainy days these are quite common to happen and before you opt for replacement of the macbook keyboard we suggest you wait for 1-2 days and check if moisture gets dry by itself we have many times moisture gets dry and keyboard start working if this is happening with your mac you can reach for more troubleshooting which you can perform by yourself we will be happy to share troubleshooting steps on what’s app chat. If there is an issue with the battery such as low battery backup, random shutdown, or cycle count is over you can connect with us for ONSITE apple macbook battery replacement in Mumbai our onsite service is available in all the areas of Mumbai including Sion, Powai, Bandra, Andheri, etc [CHAT NOW]

Apple Mac Screen Replacement:

This is the most expensive repair in any apple macbook as there are NO or very less chances of repair and mostly the display needs to be gets replaced if there is a cracked or broken screen. We have ready stock of all the models of macbook display (ORIGINAL ONLY) we stock only original parts of display the display we install are expensive but the quality is OEM and you will be quite happy with the performance as the refresh rate and all others technical information remain same as the Original this not only improve the performance but also you get high margin when you sell in the future any display replacement can be done ONSITE with our apple repair techies the screen replacement of macbook can be done in less than 45 mins at your place or office we can be reached on 977-300-4903


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