Liquid Spill ? First You Do This

Liquid Spill ? First You Do This

June 20, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Liquid Spill is not very common and yes liquid can kill your electronic devices here are the few steps you can perform to prevent your laptop or MacBook if it had a liquid spill few month back a lady called for Bandra, Mumbai called us saying she has an issue with the laptop we went to diagnose found a dead laptop hence we pickup the laptop for repair it was HP Intel i5-15R series laptop costing 40K when we open the laptop it was all sticky glue kind of things of motherboard when we called the customer back found her daughter has spilled coke on it.

Immediate step to perform when you have a liquid spill on Laptop.

Disconnect Power: If the laptop or MacBook is connected with adapted disconnect it and turn it off by pressing and holding power button make sure your hands are dry while doing this pressing and holding power button will force the device to shut down forcefully which will disable all live connections.

Remove Battery: Removing battery will give you 100% assurance that no electricity is running on a motherboard in case the battery is not user-removable get in touch with a local technician or anyone who knows how to remove the battery from a device this step will ensure no further damage on the logic board.

Dry: Now in case of water spill and you have old laptop or MacBook which are built in back 2010 and before there is a possibility the water can dry by itself in 6-7 days and device can perform normal but in case of any other liquid like juice, coke or anything apart from water has to clean by opening for this you can get in touch of your local technician or get in touch with us on 977-300-4903 for Laptop & Macbook water spill repair service available in Mumbai

Finally, after cleaning and servicing of the motherboard, we are able to fix her laptop always remember let your technician know that you had a liquid spill generally all tech will try to TURN ON your device to diagnose which is strongly not recommended in case of a liquid spill. All the steps we have given above are just information to read take technical assistance from Internet or laptop repair guy before performing any steps.

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