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Searching for a Laptop repair in Mumbai? Well, here we are!  Nothing could be better than us. No matter what brand of device you have like Apple Macbook, Dell Repair, HP Repair, Lenovo Repair, etc. No matter what issue you have with your laptop. We always have a solution to fix it on the same day. Most of the issues you face with the laptop we can fix onsite in a few hours anywhere in Mumbai.

laptop repairLaptop Screen Replacement:  if you get a broken or crack on your screen. If you find your display dim on your laptop it is due to an issue with the LED / LCD screen or a display cable. We can repair it by replacing the faulty part and the cost of the display depends on the model number. Example: A Dell XPS display costs more when compared to a Lenovo led screen. Screen replacement takes 30 mins we can do it at your home, office, or college

Laptop Keyboard Replacement: The most frustrating to see is when you type something and you see something else on the screen or you see automatic keys types. It’s possible for a faulty keyboard to need a replacement. We have ready stocks of compatible and original keyboards for most brands like Apple Macbook, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc which we can replace in 30 mins. To get started Whatsapp me information about the laptop model and serial number.

Most Common Issues In Laptop

Laptop Hinges Repair & Fabrication: Rough handling or improper use of a laptop while opening and closing the lid could hurt the hinges of the laptop and many times it breaks. In case of a broken top panel, base body or hinges  We can replace the broken hinges and repair the laptop body with fabrication. While doing a fabrication is a practical choice when your budget is on the lower side. 

Motherboard Repair: For a situation like water or any liquid spilled on the laptop which could damage the laptop motherboard. It would be a sad day for sure to see your device dead. While repairing the motherboard is a good choice as it would be cost-effective and would come light in your pocket. Motherboard repair cost estimates Can be shared after diagnosis Laptop. After diagnosing the laptop we will let you know the cost of repairing it. You may decide if the repair is really worth it or not once we share the cost and estimated time for repair. You can then take your call. All our repairs come with 3 months of warranty. And just remember for any laptop repair Mumbai or Navi Mumbai. It’s just a matter of how effective the solution is not how far we are.

Internal Speaker: If you hear any cracking or no sound from the laptop or apple macbook it is a possible issue with speakers or woofer. It’s quite easy to diagnose and just by updating the drivers if the issue persists then its a hardware issue. Laptop speakers are difficult to get while Apple Mac speakers are easily available. If you can WhatsApp the model / serial number of the device we can check the availability and share the cost. We can do installation onsite and it takes.

Why we provide Onsite Laptop Repair at your Doorstep?

As you already know about the importance of a laptop for your personal and commercial purpose, we as an expert team of laptop repair take care of your laptops. Whether its hardware failure or software failure, we can assist you and guarantee that your laptop issue will be resolved in the same day within 2 hours after we receive a call from you.

Doorstep Laptop Repair & Laptop Service in Mumbai!!

When it comes to doorstep laptop repair & services in Mumbai, Bombay Computers is your one-stop solution. Whether it’s a simple repair of minutes or it is a critical issue of your laptop, we fix it on the same day with a guarantee. Our expert team wants to listen to you and is ready to provide instant repair & service so that you can better utilize your precious time on your business &JOB. Our highly-skilled technical staff is ready to imparting professional repair services for your laptop / MacBook to your complete satisfaction. With our guaranteed & timely services offered at your doorstep, we feel more than happy, because our entire process is quick, reliable & we use genuine parts.

What makes us Unique in the Market?

Apart from repairing a laptop or servicing it, if it needs a higher cost than excepted from you, we take prior approval from our clients. Whether it is an HP laptop, Dell, Acer, Sony, Apple or Lenovo laptop, we are capable of fixing its issues in just 30 minutes. We are proud to offer friendly, fast and reliable laptop repair services in Mumbai at your doorstep, so you need not waste your time in dropping and picking up your laptop.

For our technical expertise and timely services, people of Mumbai call us best laptop repair Mumbai. Our laptop repair services in Mumbai are not limited to Apple laptops only, but we are repairing Dell laptops, HP, Lenovo, Acer, and Sony laptops also. We believe that taking your laptop to a laptop repair center is time-consuming and troublesome, so we are serving people in Mumbai with the same day & onsite laptop repair Mumbai. Our pick up and drop services for your laptop are our top priority and we are a team of laptop repair experts that covers all areas of Mumbai including Deonar, Mulund, Chembur, Dadar, Mankurd, Vikhroli, Sion, Kurla, Andheri, Thane, etc. If you make a call to us, we are confident that you save time, money and get reliable laptop repair at your doorstep. So, for laptop repair services in Mumbai, you can trust us and give us a chance to show our technical expertise.


Brands We Repair : Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus Apple Macbook Pro, Sony etc
  1. Which laptop brands can you repair or service?

    We offer our laptop repairing & services for all the brands such as Apple Macbook, Lenovo, Dell, HP, etc. We repair your laptop with a guarantee in a quick time.

  2. Can My Laptop be repair at Home or Office?

    Yes, Bombay Computers technical team provides you laptop repair in Mumbai at home/office.  We provide onsite laptop repair service in Mumbai at your comfort time.

  3. How you are different from other laptop home repair/ service providers in Mumbai? 

    We have more than 7+ years of experience in laptop repair & service. Our simple goal is to satisfy our customers and sell them genuine parts. We want to serve you in extraordinary way and have a team of data recovery experts, screen repair / replacement specialists and MacBook repair experts.

  4. What is your minimum fee or charge for repairs?

    The laptop repair cost can vary brand to brand and also based on the problems. We will first diagnose the laptop and as per the problem, we will quote you the price. So, the repair cost is not fixed but our prices are cheap. 

  5. Can you diagnose my Laptop over the phone?

    Yes, we can diagnose on a call or on remote access give a call on 977-300-4903

  6. Do you repair/ replace the laptop screen also? 

    YES, we do. We repair/replace your laptop screen with a guarantee and provide you hassle-free laptop repair Mumbai. For laptop screen repair/replacement, contact us anytime. 

  7. How much time it will take to repair my laptop?

    For the complete diagnosis, it may take 2-4 hours. For minor issues like keyboard replacement or a RAM upgrade, it may take 15 minutes to 30 minutes. For major issues such as motherboard repair or water damage repair, it may take 3 hrs to 9 hrs depends on the availability of the parts at that moment. 

  8. Will I get the Warranty on laptop parts?

    Yes, you will get the warranty on all the parts replaced by our team. Warranty may vary from 90 days to 3 years that is provided by the companies. Before applying any part of your laptop, we make sure you agree on that and completely satisfied. 

  9. Which laptop / MacBook services you provide to your customers? 

    Laptop heating issues, virus removal, data recovery, screen repair/replacement, hinge repair, laptop keyboard repair/replacement, trackpad repair, Wi-Fi issues, software upgrade, motherboard repair, RAM upgrade, etc. For all services, you need not come to our shop, our technician will visit you and if possible repair/service at your home or he will pick up & drop your device after repairing it.  

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