Laptop Repair

Looking for a Laptop repair in Mumbai? Well, here we are! and nothing could get better than us. Be it any brands you come across with like Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Asus, Sony, Toshiba etc. No matter what issue you have with your laptop. We always have a solution to fix on the same day. While most of the issues with the laptop are sorted onsite in few hour anywhere in Mumbai.

laptop repair

Laptop Screen Replacement:  if you got a broken or crack on your screen. If you find your display dim on your laptop it is due to an issue with the LED / LCD screen or a display cable. We could get it fixed by replacing the part and the cost of screens may depend on the brand you have and model of the laptop. Eg: A Dell XPS Laptop screen comparatively would cost more than an Acer led screen and for us, it would only take 30 to 60 minutes to fix it. And this could be done at your Office or home.

laptop repair mumbai

Laptop Keyboard Replacement: It is most frustrating to see that when you type something and you see something else on the screen or you see keys getting automatically typed in. It may be a possible failure of laptop keyboard and would require a replacement. We provide compatible and original keyboard for brands like Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung, Toshiba etc which can be replaced in 15 to 30 mins depending upon the model of the laptop. All you need to do is just share the details of a laptop with the issues via a what’s app

Laptop Hinges Repair & Fabrication:  Improper or rough handling of a laptop while opening and closing could damage the hinges of a laptop and many a time it also damages the top panel or base body of the laptop.  We can replace the broken hinges and repair the laptop body with fabrication While doing a fabrication is a viable option when your budget is on the lower side. But yes you do have an option to completely replace it. You may not find a better laptop repair Mumbai, not better than us. In order to know the cost, you would need to share the details of the laptop and issues via a using this link.

Motherboard Repair: For a situation like a water or any liquid spilled on the laptop which could damage the laptop motherboard. It would be a sad day for sure to see your device dead. While repairing motherboard is a good option as it would be cost-effective and would come light on your pocket. Motherboard repair cost estimates could be given once diagnosing the laptop. After the diagnosing the laptop we would let you know the cost of repair. You may decide if the repair is really worth it or not once we share the cost and estimated time for repair. You can then take your call. All our repairs come with 3 months of warranty. And just remember for any laptop repair Mumbai or Navi Mumbai. It's just how matter of how effective the solution is not how far we are.

Internal Speaker: If you get any cracking or no sound from the laptop it can be a possible issue with drivers or the speaker has gone bad it can be easily diagnosed just by updating the drivers in device manager if the issue still persists we can consider it as a hardware problem. Laptop speaker is difficult to get but if you send the model number of the laptop we can take a look if that particular part is available. Replacement of the speaker can be done onsite it takes only 45mins the part comes with a warranty of 1-year cost of laptop speaker can be anywhere from Rs500-Rs3000. CLICK 2 CHAT

To get started with Laptop Repair or Macbook Repair just give us a call us 977-300-4903 or if you would need any assistance, call us or whats app us! You are always welcome! 

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