DIY Laptop Screen Repair Tips for you

DIY Laptop Screen Repair Tips for you

September 28, 2020 macbook 0

Laptops are the most fragile electronic gadget. Now, it’s a usual scene for people that they accidentally drop off their laptops. Also, people now do not take too much of the care of their laptop. They tend to leave their laptops anywhere. One such instance was that a person accidentally sat on the laptop and as a result, the laptop screen broke. Another instance could be that an individual was carrying too many things in the hand and as a result, the laptop dropped accidentally from the hand and the screen was gone. And each and everyone out there, who are reading this article, must have either gone through this or seen someone go through this.

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If you would have encountered the moment where your screen stopped working, your world would have come to a halt. Just like your screen, your world would too go blank at the same time. And at that particular time, you would be unaware of the fact of what should be done. Most of the people at that time would give up on their laptop and would discard it. While, on the other hand, some of them would decide to send their laptops to laptop repair Mumbai for repair.

But before you go for any of the options, it is vital that you need to assure that if it is the screen of the laptop that’s damaged and not the other issue. We can’t get surety that the screen of the laptop is damaged in the accident. Most of the times, it is the backlight or the inverter or even the motherboard that resulted in the blank screen.

So, here in this article, you’ll get some of the DIY ways which will help you in repairing your screen. But remember, if you aren’t a tech savvy person, leave this work to the professionals for laptop screen repair, or else the damage would be much higher.

  • Firstly, switch off your laptop and take out battery.
  • Next thing you need to do is to remove the plastic bezel that surrounds the screen. It is actually a tough step as most of the times the bezel gets snap. An individual needs to take a lot of care in order to prevent any damage to the bezel.
  • You need to carefully remove off the bezel from the screen.
  • Next you need to unscrew the metal brackets that are holding the screen and then you need to remove the screen from the metal brackets.
  • Then you need to unplug the wire to which the screen is connected and carefully take the screen out.
  • Just flip the screen to its back and note the number that’s written there.
  • It’s important that you to order a new screen of the same number.
  • Once you get the new screen, just plug it into the laptop using the cable connector. Then turn on the laptop.
  • This will ensure that the screen is properly working before setting into the frame.
  • The new screen would be covered in the plastic film and thus you need to remove it.
  • Then you need to screw the laptop back into the frame just as the way you unscrewed the old screen.
  • You need to be extremely careful with the screen as it is fragile.
  • Once you put the screen into frame, attach the bezel back.

Hopefully, the above blog post will assist you for DIY. Bombay Computers is no 1 laptop & MacBook repair expert in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.


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