What is Data Recovery

What is Data Recovery

December 10, 2021 Data Recovery 0

What is Data Recovery & What Are Its Limitations?

The loss of data that occurs in most of the storage devices is one of the biggest concerns that businessmen have in their minds. In this digital world, data plays a vital role and any loss in data can lead to financial and legal loss. The good news here is that almost all the data stored on a storage device can be recovered back.


Do you know about data recovery?

Recovering inaccessible data whether it is the outcome of logical or physical failure is known as “Data Recovery”.

What is logical and physical device failure?

  • Logical failures: When data loss is due to drive formatting, data deleted by mistake, drive corruption, boot failure, reinstalling the operating system, etc. this comes under logical failures of the device.
  • Physical failures: The data loss that occurs due to storage space, connectivity issues, component damage, electronic equipment malfunction, and more comes under the heading of physical failures.
  • Data Recovery Mumbai is the process that scans for the lost or deleted files that are stored in the storage devices and get them back successfully. One can easily get back the data if the data is deleted from the external hard disk drive, solid-state drive, USB flash drive, optical storage medium, and memory card.

Know the limitations of data recovery?

Yes, it is not at all an easy task to recover all the data from some of the new hardware that is brought up in the market now. For example, it is not possible to retrieve the data from SSD or Solid State Drive. It has TRIM command enabled which makes it impossible to get the data back and information gets deleted permanently. But for the SSD’s where TRIM is disabled, data recovery is possible.

Data recovery could become a challenge under these circumstances –

  • Data has been overwritten
  • Data is corrupt
  • Data is present in a bad sector of the drive

Why Data Recovery?

With the help of data recovery, one can easily preserve your personal and official information. For instance, imagine how would you feel if you lose the most memorable moments of your life like photos, videos, voice recordings?

It is always a very bad incidence for you, right? But with the help of data recovery Mumbai technicians, you can avoid this kind of emotional stress. Or either way, consider what would happen if you lose your critical business documents, project files, and software? It would be devastating for your career, right? But with the help of data recovery, you will never fall into this situation as technicians will always be right beside you we can assist you with all types of data recovery including MacBooks & laptops

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