Macbook Air Repair

macbook air repairIf you have an Apple Mac that needs attention if you are trying to find a reliable Macbook Air repair in Mumbai you can choose Bombay Computers for repair. We can repair any issues with any apple macbook pro or macbook air on the same day. We understand how repulsion Mac can be when it doesn’t work, especially when you are on an important assignment. With our professional expertise, we promise to repair it the same day.

Here is the list of our services for the Apple Macbook Air:

Screen Replacement:

Everyone is in love with the quality & clarity of the mac air screen. If your Mac display is cracked or becomes too dim and not visible it can possibly require a macbook air screen replacement & well we could gladly get it done. If you wanted to know the cost of screen replacement or wanted a diagnosis to be done on your device you can reach us at 977-300-4903 we have the best experts for any apple macbook air repair.

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Keyboard Repair:

Most of the macbook air keyboards are damaged in the event of a water spill or moisture on rainy days. When it’s a water spill we need to replace the entire keyboard in case if few keys are not working you can keep the macbook used as it is for a few days as many times we have seen the moisture gets dry and the keyboard of the mac air start functioning. If you are using old macbook air such as a 2015 model keyboard replacement is possible and our experts can get it done onsite in a few mins but in case your macbook air is the newer version you can reach us we can diagnose and run troubleshooting which can give us an idea what the options available as new macbook air keyboard replacement are expensive.

“Prior approval is taken before processing any repair”

Battery & Trackpad:

Apple macbook air battery replacement for old models is quite easy if you have the right tool with knowledge of electronics you can do it by yourself. If you have noticed the charger is heating or the macbook air switch is off when the adaptor is disconnected this can be an issue with the battery as the battery is failing to hold the power hence device gets shut down or it can be also related to charging IC or some components on the logic board. Our apple technicians can diagnose this issue on whats chat or call you can reach us and we will guide you few steps which you can perform on your device to understand more about the device issues.

Our Macbook Air Repair Services:

Here is the list of our macbook air repair services available in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai you can reach us anytime on our what’s app or by calling on 977-300-4903 all the repairs we do on the macbook air are data-safe and you do not lose any data when any repair is done.

  • Macbook Air Repair of water spilled motherboard
  • Macbook Cleaning
  • Mac Storage Upgrade
  • Apple iMac Repair
  • Apple Macbook Pro Repair
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