Apple iMac Repair

imac repair mumbaiApple iMac Repair is one of the fastest & sturdy but little complicated devices when it comes to repairing but yes there is a huge scope for repair & upgrade depending on the model and issue. We repair and upgrade all models of Apple iMac. Here is the list of repairs & services we do on the Apple iMac. Apart from imac repair we also repair and service all the models of a macbook pro and macbook air we can be reached at 977-300-4903.

iMac Screen Replacement

There are many reasons for a broken iMac Screen the most common sense we have come across is cracked (broken) and a black or grey patch on the display screen. Most of the cracks happened because of kids who accidentally hit toys on the screen. As the broken screen can’t be repaired we have a new display replacement for iMac 21.5 inch, 27 inches ready for replacement. Replacement can be done onsite anywhere in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai region. Call or Text 977-300-4903.

Slow Freezing iMac

apple repair centre can understand the frustration when the heavily built powerful device works slowly or freezes generally there are very fewer chances of viruses or Malware which can affect the performance. We can diagnose it online via remote connection and share with you what is our thought along with pricing. We always take high precautions before working on any devices and as always this issue can be resolved onsite hence there is no downtime or data loss.

iMac Hardware Upgrade

Upgrading the iMac can be cheaper than buying a new iMac. The upgrade service we offer is based on what kind of work will be performed for instance upgrade plan will be different for a designer who uses photoshop most of the time and a corporate businesswoman who use a mac for data analysis. To get the right specs and pricing you will share the serial number of the iMac which can be found on the Apple Logo  –> About This Mac option.

iMac Repair (Logic Board)

If the iMac is completely dead and does not turn on at all can be a possible issue with the Logic board (motherboard), power supply, or graphics card. This kind of iMac repair can take more than 12 hours for diagnosing and testing. This work can’t be repaired on-site and has to be picked up for diagnosis. Pickup can be done from anywhere in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Once we diagnose will share with you the approx cost of parts that need to replace along with the time required once we get confirmation will process it in case if decide not to repair will and return the device the very next day.

MacOSX Upgrade: If you are using your iMac on an old version of mac os there is a possibility the device may not perform as it should any issue with the software or operating system can be resolved in less than 1 hour. There is no data loss once the upgrade will also do a basic setup of printer & auto-update so in the future mac can be updated automatically to the latest version. Check our Other Services related to macbook pro repair

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