Can laptop hinges be replaced / fixed?

Can laptop hinges be replaced / fixed?

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Laptop Hinges Repair

Laptop Hinge Repair:

Got a Dell HP Lenovo laptop with broken hinges & you found it’s not covered under the warranty? These are considered as physical damage in the laptop hence service center does not take this under repair. we can help you with laptop hinge repair we repair laptops screen, keyboard, laptop hinge repair, hinge replace & broken laptop body fabrication in a case of broken laptop body can’t be repaired we can arrange a new laptop body.

There are 2 Hinges in the laptop it helps the LED/LCD display screen to close many a time on hinges of the right side break, but the other left hinges will do the job of closing, However, it does not last long as all the load of the screen is put on the one hinges. It is well advised to get it fix as in the long term it may damage the screen itself.

Parts Quality

What types of parts do you use?
There are 3 categories in all the Original laptop parts: Grade A and Grade B, Original parts are very costly if you have string budget. While A Grade parts will do the job at times. However, we do not recommend B grade parts as these often comes at a very cheap price and in terms of performance too.

Why does this happen?
Hinges are made up of iron with steel coating and have small mechanism hence it is always good to get it service every 1-2 year which improves the performance and life of the laptop there are two common reasons for broken hinges one is when it fall and rust which creates a jam to move and it breaks or user side

Laptop Repair:

Whether there is a laptop or a netbook both are significant in mobile networking. Anyone who is always moving out and about for business motive knows the utility and feels important of this electronic device. For this very reason, it becomes constitutive to maintain and take proper care of this gadget. But often it happens that due to some unwanted circumstances this precious digital equipment suffers from other threats like virus, damage to screen, loose hinge, any software or hardware issue that would crop up at any time. To vanquish such a situation laptop repair services in Mumbai are highly in demand. Laptops are steadily gaining more significant over the personal computer. The advanced systems offer high-quality features such as affordability, flexibility, reliability and portability.

In addition to all these benefits, a laptop can easily be shifted from a place to any place without any spacing tension. With this device, the users can continue connected with his work, important emails and applications, even while transforming or on the move.

We always feel to have the upgrade part of the technology. We can help you for the upgrade of hardware parts on your laptop and desktop like Hard disk, RAM or in the case of desktop PC and you want to change your old PC into a Gaming system and you would prefer an additional Graphics card to boost it.

Laptop Hinge Repair Mumbai

Laptop Hinge Repair is your local technology support company, our company has a dynamic team of computer technicians that has good hands on experience providing remote support and on-site services for laptop hinges repair or broken laptop repair at your home or office repairing and maintaining your laptop.

Bombay Computers has been serving laptops of all brands since 2007. For all your laptop hardware and software repairs and services in Mumbai, we are covering all post codes for Mumbai areas including Matunga Dadar Sion Chembur Mankhurd for Laptop Repair Navi Mumbai 

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