Tips To Prevent Laptop Battery from Swelling

Tips To Prevent Laptop Battery from Swelling

December 15, 2021 Laptop Repair 0

Do you know how swollen batteries in the laptops are caused? Well, these are caused by an overflow of the current inside the battery’s cell. This generates heat and it potentially bursts into flames. Battery swelling of batteries is one of the common reasons. The laptops are becoming slimmer now and thus, the batteries are getting smaller and have less space for the current flow. Well, if you think that your laptop’s battery is getting swollen, then you need to contact the professionals of laptop repair in Mumbai to get the battery replaced.

In this blog, let’s discuss some ways that will prevent your laptop battery from swelling.

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  • Don’t connect your laptop to a charger all day: If you leave your device plugged in for long periods, then it can cause the battery to overcharge. The cycle should continue as in batteries should reach a level where it gets discharged and then recharged. But if the laptop is constantly connected to the charger, then it can’t reach its capacity. You must unplug the laptop so that it doesn’t overcharge.
  • Replace the battery if it is broken or not performing well: If your laptop’s battery is damaged, then the battery may have been facing issues in working perfectly. If your battery has reached its end of life, then it may be underperforming. In this case, you need to get it replaced.
  • Use the right charger: If you purchase a cheap charger for your laptop, then it would seem to be a money saver for you, but if it’s of low quality, then it can hamper your laptop’s performance from within. Ensure the fact that you find the right charger so that your laptop can run smoothly.
  • Upgrade your laptop when it gets out of warranty: Now, in this technological world, laptop manufacturers upgrade the battery functions. You can notice that laptops have got “smart charging” and this feature is very helpful for every user. This means that the laptop will stop charging after they reach the battery of about 95%. Thus, if your macbook is out of warranty, then you need to upgrade it by contacting professionals of laptop repair Mumbai.
  • Store your laptop in a cool place: If you keep your laptop in a safe and secure environment, then it will prevent accidental damage in the future. If you work remotely, then try not to work on the couch or in the bed as it can cause the laptop to overheat. You can also use a lap desk or cooling fan.

I hope, you will find my blog helpful in preventing laptop batteries from swelling.

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