7 Expert Tips to Ensure your Laptop and MacBook Working fine during the Rainy Season

7 Expert Tips to Ensure your Laptop and MacBook Working fine during the Rainy Season

July 15, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Over the past experiences of our customer’s faces the repeated moisture issue or some other kind of issues during monsoon season. Bombay Computers in this post is sharing THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND.

laptop tips on rainy season

In the rainy season gadgets like Laptops, Smartphones, MacBook or any electronic types of equipment get faulty fast due to moisture. To avoid these potential problems to protect our valuable devices like MacBook and Laptops Following steps to follow:

  1. Remove charging from power adapter: During the lighting sometimes electricity fluctuates or you can say high voltage observed, so to protect valuable gadget remove the power cord charging immediately. Electricity may be a major reason for failure. Lightening most of the time could cause a huge amount of damage to the Laptops which may lead to none-repairable. Especially in the night in the rainy season do not connect the charger to the Laptop and sleep.
  2. Remove the Internet-connected through cable (WIFI is fine): Sometimes this also could be a major reason failure of devices due to high voltage through an internet cable wire. Once work is done then remove the cable from the Laptop/ MacBook especially in the night time.
  3. Keep the Laptop / Macbook in the proper bag: When we keep Laptop outside chances are high because air is containing more moisture in rainy season device may face moisture issue and it will not start your Laptop for the next use. So please keep Device under the proper bag.
  4. Keep the device in the dry area: Keeping the devices on dry the area may helpful to avoid faulty logic board, Keyboard not working or any other problems. Check periodically moisture for the free environment will be a great help.
  5. Using Polythene cover: after keeping gadgets in the bag cover it with plastic (Plastic is rainproof) will be very good idea if you are serious to protect your Device while traveling.
  6. Use of silica gel packets: Silica gel is excellent source of moisture-free environment. Keeping 1 or 2 packets inside the laptop bag will help in the rainy season.
  7. 7. If got wet take immediate action: After this taking care, sometimes accidents can occur! Do not wait first and for most imp thing remove the battery immediately and dry it with some tissue paper, if you have a dryer you can also use that. Never try to switch on after that reach, nearest service center Laptop repair near me or Laptop repair Mumbai on Call or What Sapp 977-300-4903 at earliest.



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