Tips for all Apple Macbook Users

Tips for all Apple Macbook Users

March 6, 2022 Macbook Repair 0

Tips for all Apple Macbook Users

Welcome to the apple macbook club experience using any apple device is awesome but in this article, I will share some personal tips and ideas for macbook devices on how you can optimize the life of your device all the information will be simple and easy to follow. I have been using, repairing, selling macs for 7 years and interacted with more than thousands of customers who came for their repairs related to apple products so here we go.

No Accessories: No means no any accessories such as hard case, rubber cover, web camera push cover, fancy stickers, screen guard plastic, keyboard protector, etc are not needed for any macbook be it macbook air or macbook pro these accessories actually harm the device.

  • The macbook is made of aluminum which keeps the macbook cooler the cooling fan of the macbook is optimized hence you don’t hear any sound this unibody of the mac take care of all hot air and keep the device cool when you put hard case you are stopping the unibody body to do it job.
  • The push webcam cover on the camera is likely to break the screen of your device the display is made of liquid AMOLED which is very delicate hence adding anything on the display may damage.
  • Keyboard Cover: The display of the macbook retina has a layer of Anti Glare which make the user easy to read even in the direct reflection of any light or sunlight when you add that cheap rubber cover on the keyboard it always comes in a contact with the display and over a period of time the coating of ant glare falls off and the only option to repair anti-glare is to get the whole screen replacement which is very expensive

macbook tipsBattery: Any macbook battery has a lithium battery and not cells which is the reason for fast charging and longer backup time always make sure if you are not planning to your macbook for a week or so make sure it has 80% of charging before you shut down and keep it as the backup of the battery keep every firmware in check as little power still needed even when you are not using your device. Never let your macbook go below 10%. The best way of charging is to make it 100% drain it till 10% and charge again. This practice will make your macbook easily runs for 900 and the above cycle. Do not install any unwanted apps to track battery information the inbuild function is enough to know the status of the battery.

Cleaning: Self-cleaning as damage many macs keep the cleaning simply do not use any kind of liquid if there is stain or on display use only plane water take the water on the tissue paper 5-7 drops and rub gently in the stained surface and done. There are 100s of products on the internet that do not use it as they can damage the antiglare of the display they are simply harsh chemicals. Yes, you can use some cleaner to clean the body but make sure no liquid gets in the keyboard as a few keys may stop working and you will need to get the whole keyboard replaced.

Servicing: Servicing from inside is recommended once in a year do not do any servicing in the monsoon, Summer is the best time to get your mac serviced you can visit any macbook repair center for the servicing it takes 45 mins to 1 hrs where the technician will clean the fans & vents of the device a good cooling system can improve the overall performance of the device. (Changing thermal paste is not required every year)

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