How to choose SSD while buying Macbook Pro or Macbook Air

How to choose SSD while buying Macbook Pro or Macbook Air

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Thinking of buying a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air? Well it sounds pretty cool, isn't it !! But do you think you know the right features of Macbook Air which you would require? Let's say you went on to buy a 128GB SSD of Apple MacBook Air. There you go! you made a wrong decision!! Why?

We have been dealing and providing Mac Repair Mumbai and Mac data recovery for a long time now. We understand a thing or two on how buying a right product with a necessary attributes can help the customer rather than them complaining later. We have learned from our customers for over a period of time when they ask for a solution when their SSD goes without space while we always made sure we upgrade it. Our Mac upgrade service hardly takes more than an hour.

Now why you should not be choosing an 128GB SSD while buying an Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Retina, First of all storage has nothing to do with the performance of a Mac which means you could buy a 128GB or an 512GB of SSD storage. Nevertheless, the device performance will have zero effect. However, you might find an impact on your daily uses and here is how you could categorize:

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For Businesses & Corporate: If you fits in this category then a 100GB device will be enough as most of your work would be related to spreadsheets, Word Files, Emails and a Small amount of entertainment. Normally could store about a 1000 spreadsheet in a 1GB of storage. This just reflects a sample of how the user uses on a daily basis.

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For Designers & Developers: Even a 512 GB device of space won't be sufficient. For an amount of work which is related to pictures, raw images, even videos editing picture taken from a basic DSLR consumes up to 20mb etc. So while you have more work or projects you would end up consuming more space and carrying a storage device with you all the time would not be a convenient task all the time. Hence We would recommend taking a shot at a higher storage as long as it fits your pocket.

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For Collage Students: 256 GB SSD? is this good enough? Well considering the school projects which may get involved. And the many projects from past years add that with a few movies, videos, pics & random stuffs etc. Well that doesn't seem bad as you can always go for a 128GB as you may even carry a portable hard drive where you could keep all the old projects which could be eliminated when not in use and you would free up some room on your SSD storage. Small storage can save a lot of your money.

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Work From Home: People who do work from homes such as data entry or some online freelance projects a 128 GB would be good enough as you work from home. You could always have access to portable hard disk but we would recommend you for a 256 GB considering you can carry your work wherever you are going and carrying a portable hard disk is not convenient all the time.

These are just our personal views which we would always share with my customer, if you are looking for SSD upgrade on your Apple MacBook Pro Retina or MacBook Air. Also we would welcome you for any service or Mac repair in mumbai and suburbs while we also offer Mac data recovery service. (Check Our Services)

Do let us know, we could make a visit at your place and upgrade SSD to higher to 256GB or 512GB it takes us all about 40 Mins to upgrade the storage.

SSD Type : Macbook Pro Retina, MacBook Air SSD are different each year of production. In order to know the right SSD for your Mac you will have to send the serial number of your Mac.
We have ready stock of SSD for your Mac to get started with an upgrade, Call or what’s app us on 0977-300-4903. Click here to what's App

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