Read This Before Buying USED Apple Macbook In INDIA

Read This Before Buying USED Apple Macbook In INDIA

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Apple Macbook Pro or Apple Mac’s are costly when compared with Dell, HP, Lenovo which runs on Windows Operating system so it’s a good idea to buy used but keep these few things in mind before buying used Macs.

Buying a used Mac considered a risk as you never know the history of the device and if there was any major repaired involved and trust me most the seller from OLX, Quickr or even friend who is selling will never tell you the facts so one should always keep a few below points in mind before making a deal.

First thing first : If you are a designer or developer or business person who is planning to use the device for work purpose then I will suggest go with NEW Mac and buy only from Apple Store Near You as whatever money you will invest in buying will come out in 6 to 8 months and there is NO risk involved which can impact the work, time & money in future. (Example it may happen that you have done a video editing for someone using this old mac and the mac gets dead you go to check with a seller you have purchased and he denied then first you will spend money to Data Recovery and then repair of that mac.) Now, who can buy this used kind of used devices.

If you are learning something which required macOS or just for small office work or browsing you can buy here is the first tips

  1. Your Requirments: Check your needs as there are many sellers who will try to selling you something which is not required (Example: I have seen a seller sold Macbook Pro Retina 15 Inch, i7, 16GB RAM, 512 Storage to a person who only works on Emails & MS word) most of the seller will tell you the benefits of the high-end hardware or how a low-end hardware can also work for them (Example: Selling Macbook Air to a Graphic Designer) so its best to not deal with them or tell them straight your requirement and period.
  2. Fully Working ONLY: Never buy a mac which is partially not working example backlight dead, trackpad not working, battery not functioning, or hard drive is failed as it may possible that it may have some other issue which will arise in future. (Few sellers may try to give you a free wireless mouse saying instead of trackpad let me clear the trackpad not working issue can be related with trackpad itself or motherboard)
  3. The Check List: Here is the checklist keep this handy while buying
    • Check all USB ports
    • Charging Port, Screen
    • Webcam audio / video
    • Trackpad Smoothness
    • Keyboard All Keys
    • Hinges Smoothness
    • Battery Backup
    • Wifi (It must connect on Hotspot too)
    • Speakers both speakers
    • Keyboard Backlight
    • Check charger if it is heating while charging
    • Check for mac heating when using it
    • Headphone Jack
    • The brightness of the screen
    • how long it takes to boot compare it with some another same model
    • Storage size etc
    • Check activity monitor (Idle must be 90% and above while doing nothing
  4. Things which can be ignored: As you are buying a used device if there are few dents, scratches you can ignore and consider a buying.
  5. Charging adaptor: This is very important if you see the seller is giving you new Chinese charger avoid it buying or request for ORIGINAL USED or NEW Original Charger do not fall in their lines that they are giving you new charger (Remember New Chinese charger can cost 2000 INR to 2500 INR wherein USED original charger can cost 3000 INR to 4000 INR and above)
  6. Charging Cable: While buying if you come across the charger looks old but cable looks new don’t buy that mean the has been major repaired involved in the charger which is I strongly not recommend.
  7. Warranty: Ask the seller for warranty minimum of 3 months warranty no matter what, If the device is perfectly ok then it’s quite possible that he will not hesitate for it if he denies then avoid that it’s better to check for another then falling in their trap.
  8. Serial Number: To check the genuine of the product take the serial number and search it online to check the configuration ask the seller for original bills and box is available.
  9. Which Mac to Avoid: Do not buy any mac which is built before Mid 2012 as has a small graphics card which does not function well when you upgrade your macOS.


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