Macbook Upgrade RAM v/s SSD

Macbook Upgrade RAM v/s SSD

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Fancy thinking about upgrading your Old Mac but confused between RAM Upgrade or SSD Upgrade! Well, there isn't any doubt that upgrading your old MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac or well ahm... whichever luxurious Apple device you have. This could give a new lease of life to your device with an improved performance and longevity. So if you are planning to upgrade your Mac Pro. We are sharing our ideas which should help you to understand how to upgrade your Mac Device to enhance its performance within your budget.

So before we start, let's just consider that you have a device with the following configuration:

Device A :-  
MacBook Pro MD101 (13 Inch)
Processor i5 
RAM 4 GB (2GB + 2GB)

Device B:-
Processor i5 or i3
Hard Disk 500GB


Now, a MacBook Pro MD101 is an old model and one of the best of the Mac family. While on the other hand, we have the iMac which is not a portable device, unlike a Mac Book Pro. Now lets consider your work is more related to design where you need to use tools like Adobe Photoshop, LightRoom, illustrator etc while on other hands if you work into corporate and your work is more related Microsoft Office and Internet browsing: 

For Designers: In case of a MacBook Pro you can upgrade the SSD to 240GB and additional 4GB RAM which will be more than sufficient. So you will have a 2GB+4GB (MacBook Pro has 2 slots for ram) by removing a 2GB and adding a 4 so you have a total RAM of 6GB and now it will be the best position to handle all your designing software like Photoshop CS6, illustrator, Autocad 2017 etc with no lagging. While on an iMac we would consider going with a 128 GB Solid State Drive and adding a 4 GB additional RAM in an iMac you must not consider storage as iMac will on one place all the time you can buy one portable WD Portable hard drive and use it for storage again if budget is not the concern consider adding 240+ Solid State Drive.

For Corporates: More of your work is related with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Emails etc, so the size of these files is very small. In a simple word you could save up to 100+ files in a 1 GB of storage, hence a 128 GB is good to go and by adding a 4GB of RAM which will allow you to multitask and manage 5-10 files at one time.

For designers and programmers, we will always recommend a 240 GB plus storage as carrying a portable drive is not always so convenient. Hence you need to make a choice with your SSD wisely. Before buying new  Macbook Air Read This

If you are searching for Macbook SSD or RAM Upgrade in Mumbai you can always get in touch with us on 977-300-4903! Call us or Whats app us so we can understand your concern and requirement so we could tell you which best suits your need and offer the best quote possible. An upgrade can be done at your home/ office right in front of you which means you will have your Mac up and running in 1 hour time. 

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