When you Need MacBook Repair in Andheri Mumbai

When you Need MacBook Repair in Andheri Mumbai

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Apple MacBook Pro is a laptop that is demanded with its much popularity than any other laptops over the country. It comes with great features such as long battery life so that the user can finish their work when there is a power-cut. Such kind of feature is useful for the professionals who need to complete their time-consuming tasks without any pause. The laptop also comes with SD card slot and Fire-wire with the high-definition display and fast processor. Although you may need a service for MacBook Repair Andheri as a damage or system failure may occur even in the laptops having the highest performance processors.


Features of MacBook:

  • An Apple MacBook is weighed 4.51 pounds with the dimension of 0.95” * 12.78” * 8.94” along with a powerful battery with stand-by of 58-watt-hour, composed of lithium polymer.
  • It consist of two USB ports, Audio out and microphone in.
  • It also have SuperDrive DVD disk with 8x slot loading
  • Its SDRAM comprises of 2GB 1067 MHz DDR3 whereas the hard disk drive consists of 160 GB 5400rpm.
  • It has a 13.3″ inches widescreen with a sleek display effect that handlers love and enjoy.
  • It has the NVIDIA GEFORCE 9400 graphics and iSight webcam for the users to give an outstanding experience.
  • It also consists of 60W MagSafe power adapter for cable management system.

Even though a MacBook comes with great features and excellent user experience with its sleek and handy designs, it gets damage as you mishandle the laptop. Mishandling damages of a laptop which may require going for a service of MacBook Repair Andheri are as following:

  • Cracked or broken display
  • Broken screen glass, screen, or both
  • Hinges broken
  • Loosen slots and ports for USB, SD card, Charger, and Card-reader
  • Keyboard damages
  • More response time for the given commands
  • Damaged touchpad
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