Macbook Pro 2019, Whats in that 16 Inch Model?

Macbook Pro 2019, Whats in that 16 Inch Model?

April 18, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Apple is known for decades for making best 13 Inch Mac’s (Notebook) which is comfy and portable now it was rumored that 2019 Macbook is going to be of 16 Inch? Don’t forget Apple Macbook Pro failed in selling 17 Inch Macbook Pro back then, Now what’s new in it lets try to understand. We think they are building this device especially for “Adobe” Video & Photoshop editor as rest will hardly love to see internet from 16 Inch screen.

CPU: The Core i9-9980HK or Core i9-9980H considering to beat the desktop machines and the latest, with Retina bezel-less display. (the chipset is not yet officially announced)

GPU: The GPU that Apple may choose could be AMD Navi considering the user for this 16 Inch mac will be Designers and Photographers, Video Editor.

RAM: 16GB RAM will be minimum cap considering the price as the users will spend so much will never take the device with 8GB so we think it will have a minimum 16 GB of RAM Memory

Storage: This can be variable on the prices for 256GB, 512 & Yes 1TB as mac has always disappointed the user for the storage capacity and this time they will keep that option OPEN to users

Rest all will be same like NON-User Removable Battery, Non-Replaceable Butterfly Keyboard, Force touch trackpad with USB C ports, Removing mag safe was the worst mistake Apple has done. Now the big question is will they continue with their 15Inch models when they will release 16Inch and we think “yes” as and they always do it till new 16 inches do not get much response they will keep all existing 15 Inch, models.

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