Macbook Battery Charging and Replacement Tips

Macbook Battery Charging and Replacement Tips

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This post is written by Macbook repair experts in Mumbai. In this blog, we are providing you information on how to charge and how much to charge your Macbook Battery?

Macbook battery replacement

Apple battery backup is best when it comes to battery backup it can easily go from 7hrs to 12 hrs when you use it without video and music. MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is virtually designed in 80-20 section, The battery charged very quickly till the battery reached 80%, and then slow down till it reaches full 100% the same process is followed when while discharging it will take a long time till it drain first 20% and then it will be little fast. This enables the MacBook battery to prevent overcharge.

So charging your MacBook battery above 100% will not damage the battery if you overcharge it every day or as a habit the battery may lose its capacity to last long there. So we recommend that charge the battery till 100% use it till it drain to 10% and then charge it back following this can give you battery backup.

60% Battery: Keep 60% battery backup whenever you are going for a vacation a not planning to take the mac with you in case if you are planning to put the mac on sleep for few days make sure you have kept it on a flat hard surface this will allow ventilation under the MacBook.

10% Battery: Never leave your mac with 10% battery for more than 2 days it may make the mac to die always follow the 60% rule.

Service Macbook Battery: Whenever you get the notification on mac about the Service Battery Replace Now its battery to get it to replace asap as the faulty battery are very bad for mac it may leak inside or expand which will damage the back cover of the mac. In case if you have noticed that MacBook charging is a heating lot while charging its a good idea to charge in 30%- 30% – 30% format example charge the battery 30% remove the adaptor wait for max 1 min and connect back charge additional 30% and so on.

Always use with right charger example if you have MacBook air 2014 model use 45V mag safe2 only don’t try to use 85V magsafe2 both connectors are same so physically it will fit but the high volt charger will damage the charging port or motherboard. Original charger is always recommended compare to Chinese charger there is a low risk of using 3rd party charger but the risk is always there.

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