Laptop Repairing Mumbai

Laptop Repairing Mumbai

Just like humans, everything needs maintenance even if it’s your electronic gadgets including a laptop and macbook, and when we failed to do it can make the devices perform slow and many times refuse to start. we at Bombay Computers also known by the name laptop repairing Mumbai we can assist you in any issue you faced with your laptops or macbook and all its 30 mins to diagnose at our workshop. Our laptop repairing Mumbai workshop is equipped with everything which is needed to fix a broken laptop screen, faulty keyboard, dead laptop, etc we have it all it’s just like a service center of Dell or HP with a team who are willing to put extra efforts to get your device repaired and deliver back to you in the same day. We are open all the time yes you can call us at the midnight and if there is a possibility to fix the issue remotely we will be happier to do it.

laptop repairing mumbai

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Laptop Repairing Mumbai

A business which runs within the means of technical products such as Mac computer, Laptop needs a Technician to keep it updated. We understand how important it is that you have your laptop and computer up to date. In a fast-paced life, the laptop has been convenient and portable to use. And having a technician by your side is always the best option. If you are looking for Laptop repair in Mumbai, you have us as the best option.

Our teams of technical experts are always around the corner to help you. Any repair regarding laptop repair in Mumbai, Any brands like Macbook repair, Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo Apple, Sony. Any brands, you just name it. Our technicians are experienced and are quite efficient to understand and offer repair.

We also undertake hardware replacements, Laptop Screen LED / LCD Repair, Laptop Macbook Keyboard. Our support team is always available 24/7 for any queries you have regarding MacBook repair, Any replacements, Pickup, etc. You can also avail of our Onsite support within Mumbai and Navi Mumbai area. We guarantee you same-day repair for the products. Now all you need to do is give us a call and we would be glad to assist you. Even if you don’t need any technical assistance. You can just call 9773004903 or whats app ask for any queries. We don’t say “No”. Always happy to talk to you. Find the number below or fill in the contact form we will contact you.

Apple Macbook Repair: We have not limited our services to the laptop but yes we do repair and service all apple devices like macbook pro, macbook air, mac mini, imac, etc you can reach us on 977-300-4903 or {CLICK2CHAT} and speak directly to the apple repair technician to know the issue and approx cost of the repair.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement Mumbai: Issue like faulty keyboard replacement can be done onsite at your place in less than 30 mins the cost of laptop keyboard replacement in Mumbai depends on the model and brands of the device the Acer keyboard is cheaper when compared with dell or hp keyboard we have all original and compatible parts for the HP and Dell laptops.

Hardware Upgrade: Upgrading the old laptops to new hardware as SSD and RAM can bring your old laptop back to the new life which allows you to run the latest operating system and apps even in 2021 you can chat with the technician and share the current information of the device we can assist you what is the max upgrade is possible of your devices mostly we upgrade the laptop with SSD and RAM and in many cases, we can even upgrade the processer.




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