How to prevent data loss

How to prevent data loss

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Our world revolves around tech and us breath digital. It's hard to imagine a world without our gadgets, internet or social media. And this encourages us to keep us updated with the latest device and fancy having them. Maintaining those devices is a daunting task as they are prone to some problem with time.

Like if you have a laptop and the hard drive of the laptop or MacBook gets crashed it becomes a bit difficult to get back the access to the saved data on the device. However, if you follow the below prevention methods to secure your data you will never regret.

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Hard Disk: Well this is most important part of your device and if it gets crashed it results in loss of data.So the next time you buy a hard drive make sure you always buy a branded one to store the data. As it is good to have a branded hard disk which has quality and does not get damaged very easily. It is also advisable that in case if your data is all about documents and files its a waste to buy a Hard Drive with large space. We would recommend a 500GB to 1TB as to save documents and files which is a good fit.

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Operating System: We would recommend you to have a licensed version and this keeps the system up to date and also which can keep the device secured from the nasty viruses and malware.


Secondary Backup: Now as we see there is everything online. So you may save your data online as well. Right a virtual Data backup is a reality now. So! make use of it. There is much cloud-based storage which offers you free limited storage up to 10TB and keeps the secondary backup on a cloud.


Backup: Save this word in your brain and make it a habit of taking backup of a laptop using windows. And in case of if you are using Mac, you can use time machine backup to external hard drive.

Hope this helps, In case if you have lost data from your Laptop, MacBook Pro or External Hard drive and looking for Data Recovery Services Mumbai. We can help you to get the data recovered.
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Need some recommendations? Well for Hard Drives we would recommend Western Digital and Seagate for laptops and if you are planning for SSD it should be a Samsung or Crucial.

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