how to make old macbook fast

how to make old macbook fast

March 24, 2022 Macbook Repair 0

macbook tipsApple MacBook Pro 2012 model number A1278 is one the most loved Mac by the user back in when it launched as now its 2022 and Apple is still trending with newer macbook with many features such as touch bar, more battery backup, 4K Retina display, etc but if you still have old MacBook Pro here are few things we can suggest before you discard it and believe us the tips below are really useful to give another life to your old Mac, of course, these Macs are generally slow when compare with new models of Mac but yet there are many options you can do to make your macbook faster and workable even in 2022 with all apps & new macOS features. These macbook generally has a configuration of Intel i5, 4GB RAM memory & 500GB of hard drive yes there are much mac with the same model as the i7 processor.

Diagnose: You can do self-diagnosis before taking it to any macbook repair center if you have the charger connect the charger and try to turn it on if you don’t then check in your friends list someone may have who can give you for testing after turning on check the keyboard keys, speakers, webcam, wifi, etc and keep it on for 4-5 hours to make sure it’s stable and do not power off while using for this you can go to youtube and play a “timer video” which will keep the video running and it will prevent Mac to turn off or sleep. Also, check how much it last without a charger to understand the battery backup along with check the battery cycle count which you can find in about this Mac —> system report—> power section this will give you an idea if it’s really worth keeping to let it go.

SSD & RAM upgrade: Once you feel everything is working well only speed is the issue here is what you can do. These old Macs are easily upgradable with the latest SSD & additional RAM, unlike the new Mac where everything is solder on logic board. You can get in touch with any macbook repair expert who can do the work onsite. Check for SSD of 250GB & RAM of 8GB this will make your device fast and you can easily use it for almost all the basic usage including photoshop editing or video editing.

macOS: We have done lots of experiments and noticed that it’s easier with on macOS up to Catalina without any fuss hence do not install macOS big sur or Monterey as you will be able to install but it will impact the performance of the device. Ask the technician to carry Catalina macOS.

Post upgrade these Mac can easily do any task which new Mac is able to process you can use these devices as a backup which can come handy in case anything goes wrong with working macbook apart from this you can also make this to save files as a backup the best part is the hard drive is removable which mean in the event of macbook don’t boot you can remove the hard drive and copy the data. Where in newer Macs if Mac dies there is a huge expense for data recovery services.

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