How to diagnose any apple macbook air

How to diagnose any apple macbook air

March 30, 2022 Macbook Repair 0

macbook battery replacementApple macbook air is one of the most loved devices especially who travels lots as its very lightweight to carry and travel with the best part is the battery backup which allows users to use the device for 5-6 hours without charging but over a period of time when the service is not done properly it starts giving issues and to fix you may need to contact macbook repair center here in this article we will share the possible diagnoses which you can try in case if the macbook air is giving trouble. The troubleshooting is for the models A1466 & A1465 Apple macbook Air 13.3 Inch & 11.6 Inch.

Battery Not Detected: If you get to see a message on the battery icon on the right top corner saying “Battery Not Installed” then there are 3 possibility

  • It can be related to a faulty battery in this case you will need to replace the battery with the OEM apple macbook pro battery replacement the cost of the battery can be anywhere from 4500 to 6000 depending on the model & year of the device you can reach to any apple MacBook battery replacement center for the ONSITE battery replacement takes15 mins max.
  • Battery Not Charging: If you see a message “Plugged in Not Charging” it can be an issue with the battery or the connecter which will need to diagnose by opening and diagnosing the condition of the battery. Many a time the swollen battery can be a reason for not charging.
  • New battery Not Charging: We have encountered many times that customers has got need a battery and installed it by themselves and even the new battery is not charging now, in this case, the issue can be with the logic board as the motherboard is responsible to charge the battery when the charging IC or any mosfet is faulty it can stop the battery from charging this kind of issue can’t be solved at ONSITE and need to be taken to the workshop for further diagnose and repair.

Random Restart: In old macbook, we have noticed that many a time old macbook restart themself while working this issue can be related to macOS or hardware issues.

  • macOS Problem: If your macbook air is old we suggest you use it with old macOS which is generally not a good idea as it has less security and is more venerable to the internet as macOS can be one of the reasons for the random macbook reboots.
  • CPU heating: The processor can be a major reason for making it heat in order to fix the heating you need to get in touch with a macbook repair technician who can open the macbook, replace & clean the thermal paste make sure you ask the technician to use the arctic or deep cool thermal paste instead of local paste. These thermal pastes are expensive can cost 900 but they really work when it comes to heating the CPU
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