Here’s What You Can Do If Your Laptop Freezes

Here’s What You Can Do If Your Laptop Freezes

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Doesn’t it feel like that your laptop stops or freezes when you are in the middle of most important presentation or work? If your laptop is facing sudden slow-down every now and then or it has become completely unresponsive, then here is the guide so as to how you can recover your system from this issue and how you can prevent it from happening in future. But in the extreme cases, it is recommended that you visit laptop repair Mumbai for sorting out the issue completely.

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Here are some DIY tips for your laptop –

  • Give it some time to catch up: If you’re performing some intensive work, then there’s a chance that laptop hangs on for a moment and you’d be in a dilemma that the laptop is frozen. At this time, it is recommended that you give it a sometime and let it finish what it’s doing.
  • Kill the Offending Program: If the laptop freezes again after it recovers, then press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, this will open up the task manager option and you will see a list of programs that are running on the system. If any of the programs is not responding, click on the end task option and then restart the system again.
  • Reboot and Try Again: If after pressing the above mention combo keys of task manager option doesn’t start up, then you need to reboot the laptop. Press and hold on the power button of the laptop and turn off the system and try again after sometime.
  • Do a Malware Scan: If you are still unable to pinpoint the reason for freezing of laptop, then you need to do further troubleshooting. Next, do malware scan and see if virus has affected the system. If you find some trouble, then get rid of that thread as soon as possible.
  • Watch for Overheating: Most of the times, the main freezing of the system is overheating. You can install software for checking the heating of system. Also, you can check for the fans and if there’s problem there, the visit laptops repair near me for replacing the fan.
  • Test Your RAM: Bad memory can also lock-up the systems. If you suspect that memory is the reason for freezing of the laptop, then it’s time that you delete off some files that you don’t want or go for extending RAM.


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