Causes of Malfunctioning of the Laptop’s Battery

Causes of Malfunctioning of the Laptop’s Battery

May 27, 2020 macbook 0

How will you be able to survive without your laptop? Your laptop is the only thing that helps in keeping you connected with the digital world whether you are in home, office, in the car or flying the air. Now, the laptops are made so much productive, that you can easily depend upon the laptop’s battery for updated with the outer world day and night. But what would happen if your battery stops charging suddenly?

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Whenever you plug in your laptop for charging into a power source, you hear a chirpy ding sound or the laptop shows you tiny LED light which clears the fact that everything is well in the battery. On the other hand, whenever you find that there’s no such animation after connecting your laptop’s AC adapter, then you realize that there’s something severely wrong.

If you are dealing with the laptop that has suddenly stopped charging, then it is definitely going to irritate you, but you shouldn’t let that irritation bubble over you. Also, most of the people suddenly assume that the laptop’s battery would soon die and it would rather translate into a costly affair of visiting to a repair center for laptop repair services Mumbai. But, that’s not always the situation. By going through this article, I will help you in understanding why is your laptop’s battery isn’t charging and what are the cause for it.

So, go through this article to know more.

While there are a number of reasons so as to why the laptop’s battery is losing its charge. So, here I have listed down the three main causes of malfunctioning of the laptop’s battery. So, here you go!

  • Power cord issues: If you are taking your laptop from one place to the other, then this means that your laptop charger would be going along with you. For wrapping it up for its easy packaging, it sets down in some of the strange ways. This makes the cord to get bent in the strange ways. Also, the laptop’s chargers have two-in-one-piece AC adapter. This means one piece being fit into the power source and the other connecting to the computer. If both are securely connected, and till the laptop’s light doesn’t illuminate, then there could be a faulty or damaged cord.
  • Software malfunction: The Windows 10 has the ability to diagnose the internal issues of the laptops and computers. But still, it can miss things. There’s a chance that your laptop’s settings configuration is set to shut down or it’s into the sleep mode. These settings can further cause malfunctioning. Software related malfunctions can appear when the drivers age out. If these kinds of issues occur in your laptop, then it could make working more difficult. Thus, it requires professional services of laptop repair Mumbai.
  • Declining battery health: Just like other electronic devices, the laptop batteries are too prone to not live forever. One of the most common reasons for so as to why the laptop’s battery isn’t charging due to its bad state.


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