Onsite Upgrade and Mac Repair Mumbai

Onsite Upgrade and Mac Repair Mumbai

February 14, 2018 Macbook 0

So once you got ur beloved Mac. You must have been super excited about using. Over the course of time, you might think! that it should be performing better while you must have seen something new in the market yet want to hang on with your existing device. Well, there are so places online you might the find the answer to this question. While we don't agree with most of them which highlight the software point of view or just share their own experiences. While the opinions differ with personal experiences which can be bad, good or neutral to of how they used it.

Performance of any Mac device is completely based combination of both hardware and software so you can't give priority to a particular notion.  Yes, there is no doubt that Mac has a limited scope of an upgrade compared to a laptop or a PC. However, while there is a scope! So let's just consider you have a 13 inch A1278 MacBook Pro 2012 (NON-Retina) with i5 Processor, 4 GB RAM (2GB+2GB), 500GB Harddrive.

Most of the time you must have found on the internet in some blogs or technician suggesting you upgrade to an 8GB Ram. Well !! there go your cards tumbling!! B'cos I'm sure after an upgrade it won't meet your expectation and your technician ain't be responsible for this. Here is the actual upgrade you should have tried 6GB Ram (2GB+4GB) & 128GB SSD. We have been doing repair, service & upgrade of Mac’s (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac & Mac mini) for quite a long time.  We have learned from our experiences on what is the best configuration a programmer will need? what is best configure a designer will need? what is best configure a corporate business guy will need and so on.

And yes! before upgrading your MacBook. You must consider what brand and specification of SSD, RAM & Hard drive you should keep in macOS version (10.10 Yosemite. 10.11 El Capitan etc) as it is possible that you may not get the best performance with the wrong hardware or poor performance SSD or RAM. If you plan to upgrade your Mac and live in Mumbai just give a call or just whats app on 977-300-4903. Don't hesitate to share your requirement like what model of MacBook you have or what kind of application you use. We would be happy to share you a quotation which could meet your pocket. And don't need travel, as well as all service and upgrade, is done ONSITE. This means we will do all the required changes right in front of you so you could verify the parts and component before installing.

The hardware component which we provide comes with 3 to 5 years warranty. So any issue during this period is eligible for an onsite replacement with no additional cost. Once you share your detailed requirements we will be in better position to assist you in upgrading your Mac.

Onsite repair, service and all upgrades are available for Apple Mac mini, Apple MacBook Air, Apple iMac and Apple MacBook Pro in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. And yes! You could send your queries related to Apple MacBook repair, upgrade or data recovery via whats app or e-mail us. We would be glad t help you.

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